DIY Table Saw and Router Table

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In this post I will walk thru a unique DIY project to build an inexpensive combo table saw, router table and maybe a jigsaw to add to my very limited space workshop. Dust collection will use a shopvac with a small cyclone. There will be a gallery of photos, but there individual images and text will take you thru the project.

The goal of this project is to use my used $50 Makita 2711 table saw with the gifted JOINTECH Clincher CabinetMaker Clincher Fence System designed for use with a Delta table saw. The JoinTech company no longer exists. This six foot Saw Train and Fence System came to me unused and still in the packing boxes. Once done I expect to have a very nice DIY table with a precision fence with minimized out of pocket expense.

The Makita 2711 was cleaned it up, brushes replaced and a 10″ blade was installed. The 3 1/2″ cutting height will loose 3/4″ to a 7-ply AC plywood table top. The Makita slider will be replaced by two 6′ zinc plated angle irons to form the backbone support for the table. I have an Inca miter so a t-track will be used. I also plan to use Grippers to protect my fingers.

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