This is my WordPress Sandbox.

I am using it to add some content about my woodcraft projects, but also to learn Gutenberg with the TwentyNineteen default theme.   Any plugin that will add GB blocks is in play.  Also considering the Options for TwentyNineteen plugin.

As for plugins, I will be trying out a few such as Elementor, Nimble Builder, Ultimate Blocks, Enhanced blocks,  Gutenberg Post Layout, etc.

Elementor:  I deleted Elementor because it does not work within Gutenberg.   When you stop using Elementor and all the fancy layouts disappear.   Taken together this is a deal breaker.

Nimble Builder:  Works in the Customieer, but not within in Gutenberg.   Disable the plugin and the layout is gone.  The post grid is nice.  Maybe I will come back to look at this more since it does use the Appearance Customieer,  but for now I prefer to work with GB blocks.

Ultimate Blocks:  This has a very configurable post grid block.

Enhanced Blocks:  Seems like a good GB enhancement.

Table Block:  ???

WP Touch: Typically, I would use WP Touch for my Mobile theme.  To gain some experience with this theme, but I will hold off until later.

As part of this effort I will be tracking performance of the site as I make changes.  Typically, I would use and GTmetrics, but may also use WP-Checkup to see how it compares over time.

Performance History

Excel Performance Spreadsheet